Crown of Hearts

I’ve already handed this off to my friend Bex and she has already begun working her magic.

Crown of HeartsAomine and Kise run into each other in Las Vegas after 8 years of not seeing the other. The last time they saw each other it didn’t end so well. Right before they graduated high school, Kise went into a deep depression after Kuroko gave him a definite no. Kise had always thought that Kuroko felt something for him, but just wasn’t ready. Kuroko always seemed to keep all his suitors at bay, but allowed Kise to be just a bit closer than the rest, so he never would have imagined that Kuroko never felt anything—at all—for him in the manner of intimacy. While Kise finished out his high school basketball career, he passed on the invitations he received from several NBA teams and disappeared for a while. Before he disappeared, Aomine tried to set him straight and they had it out; they even came to blows. About a year later Kise was still globetrotting but decided to take up modelling full-time and picked up a little gambling habit while he was at it.
Aomine, a Power Forward for the Miami Heat was passing through on his way home from the team’s recent win over the Sacramento Kings. Kise, the new and nearly infamous face & body for menswear designers Rag & Bone, had flown into the U.S. from Monti Carlo a few days earlier to see if he could chase his winnings with another round of wins in Las Vegas.

Aomine heard a bit about Kise’s escapades, but this was the first time he had seen it for himself. From clear across the room he could see Kise’s million-dollar smile and while it mesmerized all around him, Aomine knew that it was nothing compared to what it used to be. He remembered the bright and bubbly, and the always two seconds shy of being absolutely annoying boy from his youth. He remembered the passionate and skilled baller who, although he’d never admit it, drove him to be better. He remembered the disgustingly popular kid whose presence both irritated and comforted him. But what he was seeing in front of him now wasn’t even a sliver of guy he new as Kise Ryouta.

Yesterday’s game was the seventh game in a row that Aomine caught a glimpse of Kise in the stands. The first two times he thought he was seeing things, but the third time, a kid ran by Kise and he lost his balance a bit, throwing his hood back and revealing that golden crown he called hair. Kise being who he was now, it wasn’t hard to find out where he would be heading next.

—-So from this point on Aomine wants to confront Kise about his recent stalking. They exchange numbers and talk a few times in between games and fashion shows and photo shoots. After Miami wins the championship, Aomine accompany’s Kise for a bit because he’s worried about him. Aomine never had romantic feelings for Kise, but after some time together he starts to develop them.

—-So basically Aomine wants to get Kise’s life back on track and maybe, just maybe, get him to fall in love with him too.

—-Kise actually liked Aomine first, as in before he liked Kuroko—love at first sight, even—but thought that he was taken at first so he just let it go. One day Kise was thinking about his last encounter with Aomine and decided to stalk him. It didn’t actually happen right away, he was actually already over Kuroko when he met Aomine again, but he was just lost at that point and didn’t know how to make his way back, so on the outside it appeared that he was still being his depressed and self destructive self, but he was just stuck. And while Aomine only counted seven times, Kise had actually been to the last 12 games, slowly falling in love with Aomine again.

Or something like that. Heart-wrenching at the beginning, fun and sad in the middle, heartbreaking and sexy and fluffy at the end. Oh, it’s totally MA; rated R, even… for language and sexual content.

Edit: Bex asked if I wanted to see anything in the 2nd part and I ask for this:

I’d like to see a mean-spirited Kise. It would be something of a defense mechanism, but being Kise he’d still say it with a smile. He’s built this wall up not to keep others out but to keep himself in. Although he’s gotten over Kuroko, the pain of being completely wrong about how he read someone has lingered long past the broken heart. So he tries to keep a leash on his feelings because he doesn’t trust his judgement in such matters anymore. I can see Aomine not picking up on this at first, but once he realizes what’s going on, he has to struggle with getting over the embarrassment of saying heartfelt things because he knows that Kise needs to HEAR it and be reassured. Aomine comes to understand that Kise’s deepest wound is due to Kise feeling like he betrayed himself.

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