In the Closet

Some time ago I gave Bex a prompt for Kiyoshi & Hyuuga (KnB) in which that were house hunting. She started off with this little gem and I couldn’t help but write this omake.

I like how Hyuuga is always trying to emphasize his “senpai-ness” and can be really cool, but also such a dork with his short-lived rebellion and his fondness for Sengoku period figures. So, perhaps a scene like this (sort of like omake material): By no means is Hyuuga shy in bed, but he admits that Kiyoshi gets the best of him and seemingly without effort makes him lose control. So he devises a plan to seduce Kiyoshi. They haven’t finished unpacking yet, so there are still boxes lining the walls and tucked in a closet or two. Serious, but naive in considering, “I can’t just jump on him. It’s not like I haven’t, but Tecchan is too sharp sometimes, so I have to catch him off guard.” Kiyoshi left for a few days to help a friend scout potential players and isn’t scheduled to be back until tomorrow.

Even though they’ve been together for a while, Kiyoshi’s never hinted at any kind of kinks (with the exception of insisting that they both be completely naked every time they get intimate), so Hyuuga decided to try a couple things and see how they felt. “He said he’d call when he was 30 minutes away, so I’ll tell him I’m on my way, but he’ll probably beat me home and then when he gets here and goes to hang up his coat in the closet, BAM! He won’t know what hit him!” Hyuuga throws on an apron, a yukata, and some bunny ears over his long john bottoms and starts practicing. After a couple run-throughs he’s feeling stupidly confident, but goes for one more trial run… and then it happens… the closet door locks… and he’s inside.

He calms down after unsuccessfully trying to jiggle and force his way out. It’s faint but he can hear his phone ringing and as if the caller could hear him he begins yelling all sorts of nonsense to the point of losing his voice. He turns on the dim light and sees a box marked “Masamune & Katakura.” He removes the tape and pulls out his favorite Masamune figure and starts a silent conversation. He starts to doze, but faintly hears his phone ring again. Just as he starts to yell for the caller the soreness tells him just how well it worked the first time.

The next thing he knows he’s floating and feeling himself shake and rock ever so gently. He opens his eyes to see himself being carried by Kiyoshi who’s back a day early and can barely contain his laughter. “I was wondering why you didn’t answer your phone. I can’t believe *this* is what you were doing and with Masamune no less. …Um… what is *this* anyway?” —Something like that.

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