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If Found, Volume One

It’s been five years since Kise left Kagami’s place in LA with barely a word. Their friendship had hit a rough patch, but nothing major, so Kagami thought. Five years and nothing more to go on than the pics Kise sends his mother every few months. Just him, a recent headline from The Tokyo Shimbun, […]

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Knife Pleats

Just in Time to Say Goodbye Pt. 1 Aaron was not known for his kindness. Although no one could pinpoint a time when he was cruel or rude, it was common knowledge that he was not the guy to look to for help. His father had been known to say, “if you got a choice […]

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The Gossip

People don’t get bored with themselves. They get bored with the things in their environment or the lack thereof and with how those things stimulate them or don’t. Mako isn’t something in my presence, he’s a part of me, so I could never get bored with him. –Sousuke

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No Sweet Talk

Aomine and Kise run into Kagami in Philadelphia and the details of their past, present, and future unfold from there. As a friendship builds between Kagami and Kise, other feelings also come into play, but have either of them moved far enough beyond their painful pasts to build a happy and healthy future together?

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Let Me Touch You Pt.1

That morning marked the first time they were able to wake up together in their new apartment. Shima felt a chill. Kyoto winters were known to be harsh, but not nearly as harsh as the Hokkaido winters Togawa endured growing up. Shima got a two-day of taste of Togawa’s youth when they took a detour […]

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