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Dissonance of Attraction

It seems that whenever Kagami’s plans with someone fail, he calls Kise to see if he can fill in. While Kise enjoys his time with Kagami, he’s tired of being Plan B. But when an opportunity to voice his dissatisfaction turns into a screaming match, will Kise try to make himself heard or will he stay silent and give up on the idea of being Kagami’s first choice?

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“Heh,” Solin laughed and then he laughed again when he felt Nathaniel twitch in response. He relaxed his body and let his butt hit the floor. After pulling his legs from under him and folding them in front, he pulled Nathaniel off his chair and into his lap. “Again, huh? Tell me the story.” Solin waited.

Posted in Frequency, Keystone on November 23, 2014 0 Comments Continue reading

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